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GS2002/SP problem

05 май 2016, 14:43

In 2010 we installed 10 pcs of GS2002/SP convertors with MM 1Gb SFP modules (AT-SPSX).
From the other side is AT-9000/28SP with same SFPs. In december 2015 the GS2002/SP start to hang
every 2 hours. There is a link between the switch and the GS2002/SP, but the GS2002/SP does not transmit
data. If you restart the switch, the problem is still existing. If you restart the GS2002/SP -
they start to work correctly. And after 2 hours the problem appears again. We changed
the SFP modules. Same problem. We changed the switch 9000/28SP with same model - same problem.
We checked the adapters. They seem to be O.K. And this started to happen on all (10pcs)
the GS2002/SPs on the same time! I can not imagine, that they fail at the same time.
After that, the customer bought a new switch -
x510L-28GSX-50 - end of January 2016. After connecting the media convertors (10 pcs
of AT-GS2002/SP) to the switch using AT-SPSX (both sides), all was O.K. till March 30,2016.
The same problems appear again. The media convertors stop to
work in a period of 2 hours and the only thing that can help is to restart the media convertor.
The switch is with software release 5.4.5-1.1.rel . All of the media convertor started to hang
on the same day but at different time. Most of them - 10 pcs are installed at year 2010. But
there is one new, bought in 2015. Same happens to it also. There are no concerning log
messages on the switch. There are no dropped packets. We tested the fiber. All is O.K.
If you move the GS2002/SP in another vlan - it works fine. I have a wireshark of the traffic
between the restart and the hang of the media convertor in the original vlan. No strange traffic.
What you think?

Re: GS2002/SP problem

05 май 2016, 15:00

Can you provide network diagram?
What's connected to the copper port of GS2002 and at what speed?
Try to use LT mode on GS2002
"sh tech" from x510

Re: GS2002/SP problem

05 май 2016, 15:35

This is a PACS system in a hospital.
1. On the copper side of media convertors are workstations (Fujitsu-Siemens PCs), server machine (Fujitsu Siemens) and some specialized equipment (Computer Tomographs etc). The speeds of their network cards are different. Some of them are 10/100Mb, some of them are 10/100/1000Mb.
2.The GS2002 work in LT mode. I tried SML and ML modes, but when the convertor hangs, the link is still active on the x510 switch.
3. The network diagram is like: media convertors connected to x510-28GSX by AT-SPSX. The x510 is connected to x900-12XT/S (wich work as core). And x900 is connected to Firewall device of McAfee. There are also several other access switches (usually 8000S) connected by optical links to x900.
4. I sent the sh tech to support in Iash (Romania), but no result. If you want I can upload it and also the wiresharked traffic to some ftp if you have.

I do not know what kind of traffic can kill the media convertor. As I explain, if you move it to another vlan and the traffic goes through the L3 x900 betwwen the original vlan and the new one, there is no more problem!!!!

Re: GS2002/SP problem

05 май 2016, 15:50

Please send me only "sh tech" from x510 and explain which ports connected to GS2002
BTW when GS2002 "hangs" RJ45 port on it goes down or not?

Re: GS2002/SP problem

05 май 2016, 16:43

How to attach the file in order to send to you?

Re: GS2002/SP problem

05 май 2016, 16:47

Valeri писал(а):How to attach the file in order to send to you?

send to support@alliedtelesis.ru and number of opened case from support portal

Re: GS2002/SP problem

05 май 2016, 17:08

I sent it with some brief presentation of our company.
Thank you for the support and if you have some suggestions or ideas I am in your disposal.